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Do you want a safe and effective filler procedure?
MEDISHINE solves the problem.

Absolute leader in large-capacity filler treatment - MEDISHINE

All fillers from 1 to 10cc are available
Short treatment time and safe and effective treatment possible for large-capacity filler (body filler) treatment

MEDISHINE provides two modes: DOSE mode, which automatically injects the set amount, and CONT mode, which injects continuously. When using the CONT mode, it is possible to inject easily and effectively in a quick time when injecting a large amount of filler. Since MEDISHINE can inject filler evenly at a constant speed, it is possible to reduce molding time after surgery, reduce pain, and prevent side effects.

MEDISHINE is not only used for filler procedures.
MEDISHINE can be used for various treatments such as botox, mesotherapy, hair loss treatment, and joint injections.

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메디샤인 제품 이미지2[ Package change scheduled for June 2023 ]


MEDISHINE maximizes the user's convenience during filler treatment by applying the world's first wireless foot switch in the same product, guaranteeing the best treatment effect and preventing side effects.

The combination of ergonomic design and advanced technology enables fixed, constant, and large-capacity injection, and even beginners can perform the procedure easily and comfortably by guaranteeing uniform injection.

MEDISHINE has obtained KFDA, CE MDD Class II B (EU medical device certification), ARTG (Australian medical device certification), and AKL (Indonesian medical device certification).

MEDISHINE Only Syringe

There are two types of syringe exclusively for MEDISHIN
When using ampoule-type products such as BOTOX and MESOTHERAPY, you must use a syringe exclusively for MEDISHINE.

Glass Type Syringe
Glass Type Syringe Image
Plastic Type Syringe
Plastic Type Syringe Image
MEDISHINE Product Image3
Product Name MEDISHINE
Model Name SD-100
Manufacturer SBMED Inc.
Box Size (existing) 27cm X 27cm X 7cm
(from June '23) 21.15cm x 13.6cm x 9.7cm
Box Weight 900g
Battery Li-Polymer 2 EA (Main body, Wireless foot switch)
MEDISHINE Wireless Footswitch Image
Wireless Footswitch

The main body of the wireless handheld filler injector and the wireless foot switch use a state-of-the-art communication module to respond in real time, providing the best position and environment during the procedure.

In addition, when injecting body filler and large-capacity filler, several wireless handheld filler injectors can be connected to one wireless foot switch, maximizing the convenience of the user's procedure.

Example of connection between wireless foot switch and wireless handheld filler injector
  • MEDISHINE Wireless Footswitch 1:1 Description Image1:1
  • MEDISHINE Wireless Footswitch 1:5 Description Image1:5

MEDISHINE has a user-friendly interface.

MEDISHINE structure-Hand switch,Forward(select),Reverse(select), Setting
MEDISHINE filler procedure video

MEDISHINE can use needles ranging from 30G to 34G for filler and mesotherapy procedures, so it dramatically reduces pain, bruising, swelling, and bleeding that may occur during the procedure. In addition, all injection needles and filler cannulas can be used when injecting body fillers and large-capacity fillers. MEDISHINE applies a wireless handheld filler injector body and a wireless footswitch to enable users to freely position themselves for precise and meticulous procedures, and even beginners can use it easily.

Needle Thickness Comparison
  • MEDISHINE 18G needle image18g
  • MEDISHINE 30G needle image30g

MEDISHINE is capable of quantitative, constant, and uniform drug injection.
In injection method setting mode, it is possible to set DOSE (quantity injection mode), CONT (continuous injection mode), and SPEED (injection speed control - 3 steps).

Drug Loss Prevention Technology

In order to prevent drug loss during the procedure, a technology that automatically reverses the linear motor after drug injection is applied is applied.

  • Other product drug loss prevention technology imageOther Product
  • MEDISHINE drug loss prevention technology imageMEDISHINE

Medishine is a medical device that can be used for any procedure.
It can be used for any procedure that requires drug injection, even if it is not a procedure for cosmetic or cosmetic purposes.