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  • Syringe
  • Battery
  • QDoes not operate after changing mode.
    After changing the mode, press the Set button (↳) to switch to the standby screen and the product will operate normally.
  • QIs the display constantly turning OFF?
    It is not a product and functional fault, it switches into sleep mode for 1 minute and without activity. Press the Set button (↳) to wake the sleep mode and the display will illuminate. (User manuals can be found in the User Manual and on our website.)
  • QHow long is the battery life?
    Although there is a slight difference depending on the usage environment, it is estimated that the battery is approximately 300 cycles, and subsequently the battery exchange will be covered. Please contact.
  • QCan I exchange batteries?
    The battery exchange service will be carried out via the A/C center and will exchange the external casing. Please contact your headquarters CS center for further inquiries.
  • QHow long does the battery charge take?
    The battery charging station of Medishine's battery is approximately 2 hours dependent on the buffer criteria.