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‘Re-imagine!’ Become a company that opens the future
Since launching Medi Shine, SBMED (Skin & Body MEDICAL Inc) will become the world's leading medical device development / manufacturing company based on steady research and consumer needs.
SBMED Inc, specialized in developing medical devices to treat skin conditions and obesity, is an abbreviation for Skin&Body Medical.
CEO DaeChul Go graduated with a medical informatics engineering and electrical engineering degree. After having worked at a medical device company for 15 years, he started his own business in 2009.
The name of the company was Seojin Medical (a sole proprietorship, specialized in selling medical devices to treat skin conditions and obesity, mostly to hospitals), which later split into two separate companies in 2015; SBMED (a sole proprietorship, specialized in medical device wholesaling) and SBMED Inc. (a corporation, specialized in manufacturing medical devices). He now runs these two separate businesses.
MEDISHINE, a wireless handy type multi injector, is the first product of SBMED Inc. It is the first of its kind in the world which comes with a wireless foot switch, that maximizes convenience for customers.
MEDISHINE satisfies both practitioners and patients by preventing side effects as well as improving treatment results.
MEDISHINE can be used for various applications such as filler, botox, hydro lifting injection or water shine injection, V-line, S-line, mesotherapy, weight-loss shots, joint injections, PRP injections, and hair loss injections.
MEDISHINE acquired CE MDD CLASS Ⅱ B(Conformity to European Medical Devices Directive) in August 2020.
SBMED Inc currently holds three registered patents for the domestic market, three trademarks, one trademark design, one registered patent for the Chinese market, KFDA, ISO13485(2016), and AKL (Indonesia medical device registration).
Please sen lots of support to SBMED Inc, one of the leading K-beauty medical device companies. Thank you very much.